Give Your Bathtub A Spanking New Look & Feel With Our DIY Bathtub Refinishing Kit

To give new bathtubs that shiny and appealing look that you see when shopping, most manufacturers tend to cover the primary material used in the tubs with cheap paint that tends to discolor, crack and peel off as time passes.

In most homes, bathtubs are a permanent fixture in bathrooms. If you have recently installed one in your home, you know that the installation process can be expensive as it often requires an overhaul of the bathroom’s structural layout. If your tub has started losing its original pristine sheen, the devastation may have already started setting in, and you may be thinking that installing a bathtub was a bad idea. Just thinking about the replacement costs may be a source of a never-ending migraine. Today, we have fantastic news for you. You do not have to overhaul your bathroom or even replace your bathtub! We have a premium quality and durable solution that will return your tub to its original mint condition in a matter of minutes.

If you have done some research on how to rejuvenate a bathtub in a dilapidated condition, you may have heard of bathroom recoating. Though this is a great stopgap measure that will make your tub look new again for a while, it does not last for long. It was based on our own recoating experience, and after listening to frustrated homeowners like you, we decided that homeowners needed a lasting bathtub refinishing solution. After many months in the labs researching, testing, and fine-tuning our patented formula, we are excited to present you with our one-of-a-kind premium DIY bathtub refinishing kit.

What Makes Our Bathtub Refinishing Kit Unique?

For starters, unlike other refinishing solutions in the market, our product is based on a pour-on resin formula meaning that it doesn’t peel off once applied. If you are tired of continually recoating your tub and are yearning for a durable refinishing solution, our refinishing kit is the answer you have been seeking.

If you want to refinish your tub with most of the recoating products available in the market today, you will need to hire a professional, which will mean added costs to you. One of the best things about our bathtub refinishing solution is that you can refurbish your tub without expert help. Our kit comes with detailed instructions on how to rejuvenate your tub through a simple DIY process.

Another great feature of our product is that it is completely odor-free. Unlike other bathtub recasting products that leave your bathroom and entire home smelling like a chemical factory, you will not detect any change in the quality of air in your residence once you use our bathtub refinishing solution.

If you have ever attempted to recast your tub with one of the many sprays available in the market, you most likely had to acquire protective gear such as a mask and respirator because of the pungent odor given by these products. Most homeowners hire professional technicians to handle the tub recasting process because they cannot afford the expensive gear needed. With our bathtub refinishing kit, you do not need any protective equipment. Our refinishing product is non-toxic, easy to apply, and does not produce toxic fumes during the application process.

Another unique thing about our tub refinishing product is that it provides a uniquely thick coating on your tub. There is no other recoating product in the market that can match the thickness that our product delivers. The chances are that you will feel the need to replace your tub with a bigger and more comfortable one before you need to refinish it again on using our bathtub recasting product. Simply put, our product is designed with durability in mind.

A Guide On How To Use Our Bathtub Refinishing Kit

Giving your bathtub its original glow with our product is as simple as A, B, C.

On purchasing our refinishing kit, you need to do the following:
  • Remove drapes and any other fittings around your tub that may hinder you as work
  • Scrub and wash your tub to get rid of any grime
  • Sand rough surfaces and edges that are chipped
  • Remove any debris that is leftover after sanding
  • Apply a primer on the areas that you want to recast
  • Allow the primer to dry
  • Apply our premium pour-on resin-based bathtub refinishing product
  • Smoothen any rough surfaces
  • Enjoy your new refurbished bathroom!
It’s that simple!

Since our tub recasting product is based on a resin formula, it dries quickly, meaning that you do not have to wait for long before using your newly refinished tub. Our product provides instant results!


With our bathtub refinishing kit, you can say goodbye to expensive bathroom remodeling expenses and say hello to a new and shiny bathtub. To learn more about our product or order our full refinishing kit, get in touch through Amazon.

Why Should You Hire a Chicago Builder?

Chicago currently holds the position of 3rd most populated city in the United States. With an estimate of over 2 million people living in Chicago, it gets overcrowded in many neighborhoods. With that in mind, you will need the help of builders for your home in Chicago.

The thought of building a new home excites everyone, especially if you live in Chicago. However, it proves to be challenging. Hiring a home builder would help you solve this issue. Homebuilders claim to be experts in building great houses, and these are the reasons you should hire one.


Length of Years in Building Homes


Building a home requires years of experience, skill, and knowledge. Not everyone has a degree of knowledge and expertise when undergoing the construction process or even just handling hardware tools. When you seek builders’ help, you will be sent a team of professionals that understands every aspect of building houses.


Home Builder’s Relationship with Hardware Merchants


Through years of building houses, Chicago builders get to know many hardware merchants in the market. They have strong relationships with them and could ask for discounts when buying the materials needed for your dream home. This helps you save more on your budget and get better quality materials at the same time.


Home Builders have Teams of Reliable Sub-contractors.


A home builder always has his team of reliable sub-contractors. These sub-contractors handle the handy physical work of building the house. They have a lot of experience when building a house, and with the guidance of the home builder, it will look like a masterpiece.


Building a house in Chicago consumes a lot of time, money, and effort. With the help of professional Chicago builders, it will lessen your burden, and the assurance of building a new house would be great.

4 Reasons Why Hiring a Professional Roofing Contractor is a Must!

When it comes to hiring a professional Austin roofing contractor, most house owners do not bother to search for a trusted roofing company and just choose randomly in a hustle. Some roofing companies are not certified and this usually creates many problems for the house owners. Therefore, hiring a professional roofing contractor is very much necessary for the installation of a new roof. The truth is that professional roofing companies have quality products and they also ensure that the roof remains stable for a long time. Below are some pros of hiring a professional for your roofing work.

1- High Endurance

A professional Austin roofing company always satisfies its customers and leave no room for errors. This means that their service is equipped with quality materials and careful installations. Roofs built by professionals are able to withstand severe weather conditions and can survive for a long time.

2- Cost-Effective

Professional roofing service offers cost-friendly roofing solutions as they have a large network of clients. The company offers multiple options of raw materials and roofing styles to their clients who can decide as per their budget and need.

3- Modern Techniques

Roofing techniques change over the years and it is important to keep up with them. It is possible that you may be having an outdated roof version that needs to be updated. This is where the professional roofing service comes into action.

4- Safety Measures

During the installation of a new roof, it is very much necessary to incorporate safety measures. As you know,  accidents are quite common during the installation and maintenance of the roof. But, professional roofers are always equipped with all the safety tools that save them from unwanted consequences.

It is suggested that all house owners should always go for a certified, reputable, and professional roofing contractor if you want to save money and time.

The Benefits of Home School Tutoring

Because of COVID-19, more children than ever are learning from home. This has created several challenges for children and parents. Home school tutoring is an effective way to overcome many of these obstacles. Read on to learn more about the benefits of working with a tutor.

A Tutor Can Help Students Master Challenging Materials


When students struggle to grasp the concepts, they are taught in school, it can be difficult for them to master new concepts. This can cause students to fall behind. If there’s something that a student is struggling with, a tutor will identify the problem. They can work with the student one-on-one to ensure that the student understands the material.


Tutors Can Provide Structure And Accountability


Students that are new to homeschooling often struggle with the lack of structure. Some students struggle to stay focused, and many students don’t complete assignments at all. Working with a tutor is a way to give students the kind of accountability they’re used to in the classroom. Regular sessions with a tutor can also give students more structure, focusing on their schoolwork.


Working With A Tutor Can Build Confidence


Many students that struggle in school have doubts about their capabilities. A tutor can help to identify a student’s strengths, which can increase that student’s confidence. This means that the student will be more likely to challenge themselves and study on their own. A confident student is more likely to be a successful student.


Home school tutoring can be highly beneficial to students. While adapting to in-home schooling can be difficult for students, a tutor can help students to adjust. Find out more about tutoring and see if this is something your child might be able to benefit from.